Advantages of taking help of a personal trainer

There can be several reasons as to why a Personal Trainer Irvine is essential for achieving fitness goals. You may like to have one for your weight loss-maintenance, sports-fitness or even for having a great physique. You may still remain confused regarding the critical reasons as to why you should need a Personal Trainer.  We are sharing a few reasons which may encourage you to look for a Personal Trainer Orange County.

  •  One of the key reasons for which you should have a Personal Trainer OC is that they are certified trainers having knowledge about the techniques of teaching others regarding how to do exercise.
  •    A Personal Trainer is important as the expert can demonstrate to you the correct posture to do exercise. An expert Trainer will ensure that students are performing exercises in the right way and efficiently.
  •    Every individual is different from others.  Well, it means that everyone’s abilities and need for doing exercise vary.  A professional expert is one who can understand your needs well and suggest the right exercise which will bring fruitful results for you.
  •    They help you to set realistic goals which are achievable for you. They will indicate the areas where you need to work more so that impossible things can be achieved to a great extent.
  •    The experts are target oriented and focus only on exercise. When you are under their guidance they will not allow you to waste time and make you give 100% concentration only towards exercise.
  •    They can also help you in improving your mental state. There are many exercises which can help you in releasing your stress and anxiety in life.  They will train you to do such exercise so that you can lead a healthy and happy life.

So we are sure that you know now as for why you should meet a certified personal trainer.


Why Personal Trainer Orange County is great for healthy physique

Are you trying to work out, lose weight, tone up or just improve the overall health? All you need is to join the Bootcamp Orange County or look for the Personal Trainer Orange County. You can also join a gym as this can be the best decision for the custom body fitness. Remember that not all the Gyms or trainers are the perfect solution for all your fitness needs. Just look for the best option that can provide the best use of technology, integrate science and naturopathic medicine to help improve the overall health. You can easily commit yourself to a fitness program by just joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer.

We also know that sometimes only hard works at the gym is not enough. In just a few days you may not see any major change in your body and only skinny is the physical goal. People most of the time look for physical strength and overall fitness. For this, they need Personal Trainer Irvine to help them learn building muscles, change diet and better balance to get the faster results. If you find hard to find the time for your physical fitness from the 9-5 job, then it is good to join Bootcamp Irvine and get the best package for the complete health improvement.

The services you get from a personal trainer or Gyms Orange County are affordable and allow you consistency to get a great physique. The trainers motivate, boost energy and synergy to create new friend and best support system that helps to accomplish your desired goals. Joining the best gym or a trainer is a lot of fun and you get good guidance to build your physique. Thus, explore the internet and find the best available options near your home. Pick the best Gyms Irvine from the available list.

4 Reasons as Why You Should Join Jungle Fitness Bootcamp

Are you in love with outdoor exercising? Is it true that you are an absolute fan of high-intensity group training? If this is true then for sure, you should go and join a Bootcamp Irvine!  

You need to do different types of exercises to make your muscles function well.

Different exercise offers different sets of benefits. Bootcamp Orange County is very popular these days. But a question may come to your mind as what exactly is the reason behind the popularity of the Bootcamp.

We have some reasons with us which can justify the reasons for the popularity of this exercise regime.

Point #1: Bootcamps covers all muscles of the body

Bootcamp activities include different cardiovascular, strength enhancing, and mobility improving exercise routines which are carefully designed by experts to target every individual muscle of the body. It improves body metabolism and continues burning calories for long after the session.

Point #2: Moving out to outdoors

Many of us stay deprived of meeting the fresh air of outdoor because of a hectic schedule at home and office. Even if we try to do exercise we end up hitting Gyms Orange County.

Boot camp activities are done outdoors. You get the scope to Burn more calories outside.

Point #3: Boot-camping is a fun exercise

Bootcamp is quite challenging as it gives you the scope to push your body beyond the level of comfort.

But trust us it will be a fun exercise for you. It will be basically a huge challenge for those fit group of people for whom exercise is a dull activity which they do visit Gyms Irvine.

Point #4: Creates a competitive environment

In bootcamp, you need to work in a group and that creates a competitive environment which encourages you to perform better than your group members going above your limits  

Benefits Of Joining A Group Fitness Boot Camp

The modern gyms conduct today the physical training and exercise programs that are called as fitness boot camps. These programs and exercise schedules are designed and implemented for building fitness and strength. The sessions are usually 1 hour long and the intensive exercises are of many different varieties. Boot camps were initially conceptualized in the USA (a boot camp in Irvine is quite popular!) and the former or retired military personnel also conducted them. They are now popular in England and in other parts of the world as well.

The various exercises and programs of a boot camp

Gyms in Irvine run the Boot camps that draw participants of different ages and genders. The boot camp group training program may include many different kinds of exercises and fitness programs. It often starts with running and stretching exercises, and subsequently, a number of interval training exercises follow. Some of these exercises may include:

  • Weightlifting
  • Pulling of the TRX (rubber) straps
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Plyometrics (jump training)

Other explosive and dynamic exercise forms may also be included. Yoga exercises are also included in the boot camp sessions and these are held at the end of the session. Yoga stretching and asanas provide mental health benefits as well. Apart from increasing strength,  participation in group boot camp in Orange County may also help towards an increase in cardiovascular efficiency and faster loss of undesired body fat. People who are not accustomed to regular exercise schedules but want to have one can join a boot camp, and be more disciplined towards regular exercise.

The gym environment can be quite boring, especially when you are new to it. That is why gyms have a considerable exit rate and fail to retain the newcomers in some cases. Joining a fitness boot camp is one sure way to be a regular and disciplined exerciser, and to have good health throughout life. The camp duration may last up to 6 weeks, which is ample of time to make new friends and to have exercise as a habit.

Why You Need A Fitness And Personal Trainer

A personal trainer provides to you the required motivation and skills that you need to achieve your fitness goals. People of all ages and genders have been found to achieve their fitness goals faster when the efforts are aided by the expert advice and service of a personal fitness trainer in Irvine. Fitness trainers create for you the unique and customised workout plans and help you prevent a number of injuries. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of having a personal trainer for your gym and exercise schedule.

Achieve your goals in a lesser time

A fitness trainer in Orange County provides to you faster results as he can channelize, orient and turn your energy and efforts towards the results and benefits that you actually seek. If you are at a job or do not have leisure time, the service of a fitness trainer maybe what you need to attain a fitness gold that you have in mind.

A balance in activities

A fitness trainer provides to you well-optimized exercise schedules so that all parts of the body are worked out and you lose the excess fat within time. While all exercisers want to have muscle gain while witnessing the loss of excess fat, many people fail to achieve these goals because of lack of knowledge and skills.

No injuries

The personal trainer in OC helps you do the weight lifting and other exercises in the right way so that there are no chances of injury. They also create an ideal exercise program so that you do not overdo any exercise and undergo muscle strain or injury.


While almost all people can face the gym sessions for a few initial days easily, many of them fail to make exercise and weightlifting as part of their habit and daily routine. The gym and personal trainers provide to you ample of motivation so that you have weight lifting, gym sessions, and exercise routines as your habit that you undertake throughout the life.

Many people stop doing exercises once they have attained a plateau. Gym goers stop doing exercises when they find their body in shape. A fitness trainer helps you know more about exercising and why you need to exercise every day of your life. Their skills, expertise, and knowledge are key towards achieving sound health.

Gyms Orange County – Carb Cycling

Are you trying to get ready for bikini season? But, you don’t want to give up eating delicious carbohydrates? You’re in luck because Carb Cycling helps you reach your fitness goals without eliminating carbs completely!

What is this magical “Carb Cycling”? Simply put: Carb Cycling means consuming more carbohydrates on some days and less on others. This diet has been around the fitness and personal training world and has been popular for decades. Highly-regarded coaches and transformation experts recommend this diet to their clients that are fitness models, bodybuilders, and athletes. Read on to learn about how Carb Cycling can transform your body into the best shape it has ever been in with Personal Trainer Orange County!

Carb Cycling is superior to the standard, calorie-restricted diet for reducing weight and lowering blood levels of insulin. Most diets cut out carbs completely, and this has proven to be the wrong technique for weight loss. This is because carbs are an extremely important source of immediate energy for your body’s cells. You need carbs to power through tough workouts at the gym! Without carbohydrates, your metabolism will usually slow down, your stress hormones will rise, and your muscle-building hormones will plummet.. making both fat-loss and muscle gain extremely difficult. Conversely, eating too many carbohydrates can actually lead to fat storage and excess weight. And this is why the proper implementation of Carb Cycling could change your life.

The basic premise is that on days that you do your most intense workouts, you should eat carbs. On days that you are off or do minimal at the gym, you should lay off carb-loading. Instead, rely on proteins and vegetables to fill your appetite. The precise amount of carbohydrates to protein and fat ratio that you should eat completely depends on your weight, muscle mass, as well as fitness goals. For example, if your fitness regimen includes high cardio, your carb intake schedule would be completely different than someone who incorporates minimal cardio into their workouts. Either way, Carb Cycling done properly is proven to boost muscle gains, weight loss, and overall health of everyone who tries it.

Please, remember to contact one of our experienced fitness trainers to learn the perfect meal plan for your fitness journey. Also, if you are anywhere near Irvine, California, come check us out Personal Trainer OC ! Jungle Fitness Orange County.

Tips on Intermittent Fasting

If you have been around personal trainers, fitness coaches, gym owners, bikini competitors, or any other fitness fanatics, you have probably heard the words “intermittent fasting.” If not, you will definitely learn about it here, at Jungle Fitness in Orange County, from one of our fitness professionals. This is because intermittent fasting has been around the athletic world for decades and remains a constant buzz word. It is an easy and effective way to lose fat and gain lean muscles!

By definition, intermittent fasting is a pattern of consuming foods only during specific times in the day. Usually, these eating times are spread out with a large chunk of fasting time in between. Unlike a diet, during intermittent fasting it not common to limit foods. You must only limit the times in which you consume foods. The most popular schedule is fasting (not consuming any foods) for 16 hours and consuming two large meals in 8 hours. It is also common to fast for 24 hours, once or twice a week.

If you are looking to incorporate intermittent fasting into your fitness journey, please continue reading! The following are some tips that will guide you along to get the best results!

  1. Don’t jump into it.
    You should start slowly and gradually work your way to fasting up to 18 to 24 hours a day. Try adjusting regular meal times first, then skip a meal here and there. This will help ensure your success in the long run. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!
  2. Results come with time.
    Bikini bods don’t happen overnight. Your fitness journey is all about commitment because it takes time to see results. Intermittent fasting is no different. Keep with it and eventually you will see an undeniable effect on your physique.
  3. Stay hydrated.
    You should be drinking water regularly throughout the day regardless. However, during fasting, drinking more water can be a tool that you can use to stifle your hunger! Curb your hunger with more liquids to keep on track.
  4. Keep your nutrition level up.
    You get the freedom to consume whatever you want during intermittent fasting, however remain conscious of what you are consuming! You’re not on a diet so you don’t have to eat a kale salad. I would encourage you to eat what you love! In moderations, of course. Most importantly, make sure you are getting all your nutrition through vitamins and supplements.
  5. Don’t go overboard with exercise.
    Remember that your body is adjusting, also. Overworking your body may put you at a disadvantage and set you back in your fitness journey. Listen to your body and to its cues. Try doing a fasted walk on the treadmill in the mornings just to clear your mind!

Please, remember to consult one of our Bootcamp Orange County fitness trainers before starting or stopping any kind of eating schedule, as they will be able to guide you to the healthiest options. Also, if you are anywhere near Irvine, California, come check us out! Jungle Fitness Orange County.

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